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Social Network Your Way to Auto Insurance Savings with iMingleĀ®

iMingle has launched a new, though inevitable, way for consumers to save on their auto insurance premiums: through the use of social media networking.

Already operational in 19 states, iMingle has just started offering its services in Tennessee. This new form of direct-to-consumer insurance marketing program enables single consumers to take advantage of group insurance rates by purchasing policies through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  

Excited about the new way that iMingle offers insurance, Michael Z. Stahl, iMingle’s head of marketing and operations, said, “Buying insurance has never been a social experience before, but we are changing that. We have expanded the popular concept of group buying deals to include insurance, which is something we all need. With iMingle, individual policyholders can qualify for substantial savings on their annual insurance costs simply by teaming up with a friend via their social networks. Our social tools make it easy to click, share and save.”

The way customers realize savings is straight forward. A new customer simply purchases an iMingle policy and uses iMingle’s online tool to let their friends and families know. Then, each time one of their friends or family members click’s upon the iMingle link on the customer’s profile and purchases a policy, both receive a 10 percent discount. This can easily add up to hundreds of dollars in savings a year.

As of 2008, the average annual insurance cost for our car loan shoppers was $639, so getting social could save you about $64 per year!  Interested?  You can check out iMingle Here: