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World’s Strangest Rat Rod Thingie-Ma-Bob?

In the world of rat rods, standing out is the entire goal. Everyone is trying to create the most unusual vehicle possible. Maybe this International pickup/Grand Am/Bondo creation (monstrosity?) takes top honors.  And where did it show up?  The Knoxville Craigslist!

As you can clearly see from the image, the majority of the vehicle’s weight is Bondo combined with a lot of hope that nothing falls off until someone has paid cash for it. Aside from wondering how the International’s hood is grafted to the Alero nose clip(Yeah, the mad scientist who created this tossed in a nose job from an Olds Alero!) you wonder, after taking the time to put this thing together, why did the guy seemingly paint the ground effects with a paint brush.

Next come the serious questions. As if there could possible be any. Does it run and is it safe to drive? According to the owner, it drives, but he doesn’t say anything about the ride. It has airbags and all of the lights work. There are no engine codes tripping and the exhaust is acceptably quiet. Unfortunately, the air conditioner is on the fritz, but, for a mere $3,000, what can you expect? Hopefully, this guy sells the thing off. Undoubtedly, he will put the money to good use creating something equally appalling.  If you are in the market for an auto loan in Knoxville, TN, we’d urge you to find a slightly safer, better, handsomer mode of transportation.

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